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Fellowship Details

Washington University in St. Louis

Dept of Neurology
660 S Euclid Ave Box 8111
Saint Louis, MO 63110-1010

Training Program Director

Robert Bucelli, MD, PhD

Training Program Coordinator

Robyn Beard

3 Fellowship positions for the 2023-2024 Fellowship Year.
Considering: Neurology & PM&R Candidates

3 Letters of Recommendation requested for applying

The Neuromuscular Section at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has 12 clinical faculty that specialize in adult and pediatric neuromuscular disorders, electromyography and nerve conduction studies, nerve and muscle imaging, and nerve and muscle pathology. We have robust clinical, translational, and basic science research programs that cover the entire spectrum of neuromuscular disease. Our Neuromuscular Medicine training program is ACGME-accredited and in substantial compliance (i.e., in great standing). The MDA Clinics at our institution are among the largest in the country. We have active, but always manageable, inpatient neuromuscular consultation services at Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children's Hospitals. Our neuromuscular consult services afford trainees the opportunity to lead subspecialty care for urgent and emergent neuromuscular conditions in the inpatient setting. We perform more than 3500 EMG-NCS studies annually, primarily in our outpatient Electrodiagnostic Medicine Suite, but also in the inpatient setting at Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children's Hospitals. We perform 300-400 nerve and/or muscle ultrasounds annually and our suite is also equipped to perform quantitative sensory testing, and autonomic testing (including Qsweat). Our clinical neuromuscular pathology lab processes and interprets more than 600 muscle, 100 nerve, and 200 skin biopsy (for evaluation of intra-epidermal nerve fiber density) specimens per year. The laboratory also runs over 11,000 myopathy and neuropathy autoantibody tests per year. Banked tissue and serum specimens provide an invaluable resource for trainees interested in clinical and/or pathology research. Research opportunities are afforded by a large amount of elective and dedicated research time built into the fellowship. We provide a supportive, rewarding training environment that prioritizes education over service and the wellness of our trainees.

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