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Partner With AANEM

To connect with diverse audiences, collaborate with AANEM, the foremost organization committed to promoting neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and electrodiagnostic medicine. AANEM is a multi-disciplinary association that caters to the needs of healthcare providers and medical specialties such as neurology, physiatry, and others with an interest in neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine.

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The AANEM Annual Meeting, held each fall, is the premier gathering of professionals in the field of neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration.

AANEM's UltraEMG, held in the winter/spring each year, is a specialized event focused on the emerging field of ultrasound in electrodiagnostic medicine, bringing together world-class faculty, physicians, and industry professionals to explore the latest advancements and applications.