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Customize your meeting experience by adding workshops to your registration. These small group sessions, discussions, and demonstrations are led by the best in the field and provide personalized instruction to help develop your skills and techniques in NM, US, and EDX medicine.

Tuesday, Oct. 15

  • Advanced Sonographic Needle Guidance for Carpal Tunnel Injections
  • Advanced US Guidance for Neurotoxins
  • Advanced US of the Brachial Plexus
  • Advanced US of Upper Limb Nerves
  • Autonomic Testing Using Live Demonstration
  • Basic NMUS
  • Basic US of Lower Limb Nerves
  • Basic US of Upper Limb Nerves
  • Basic US of Upper Limb Nerves - Median and Ulnar From Elbow to Wrist
  • Cervical Radiculopathy/Brachial Plexopathy
  • Diagnosing TOS
  • Disease-Oriented US Protocols
  • EDX Approach to Myopathies: Needle EMG of Unusual Muscles
  • EDX Evaluation of the Proximal Upper and Lower Limb Nerves, With Adjunctive Use of US
  • EMG Elegance: Techniques and Strategies for Achieving  Superior Signal Fidelity
  • EMG Laryngeal
  • Expert US
  • Facial NCS and Blink Reflexes
  • Getting the Most Out of Your US System
  • MUP Quantitation
  • Myopathies: EDX Approach
  • NMUS Anatomy of the Head and Neck for Chemodenervation Procedures
  • SFEMG Using Axonal Stimulation SFEMG With Voluntary Activation
  • US Anatomy for Electromyography

Wednesday, Oct. 16

  • Autonomic Testing
  • Basic MSK and Muscle US - Lower Limb
  • Basic MSK and Muscle US - Upper Limb
  • Basic Nerve US - Lower Limb
  • Basic Nerve US - Upper Limb
  • EDX Evaluation of NMJ Transmission Disorder
  • NCS Pitfalls
  • Unusual upper Limb Nerve Conductions for Technologists, Residents, and Students

Thursday, Oct. 17

  • Advanced Nerve US - Lower Limb
  • Advanced Nerve US - Upper Limb
  • Basic NCS With US - Median and Ulnar
  • NCS in the Foot
  • Pearls and Pitfalls in Performing NCS
  • RNS & Blink Reflexes
  • Unusual NCS

Friday, Oct. 18

  • Advanced EMG and US of Respiratory System
  • Advanced US of the Lower Limb Nerves
  • Assessment of Upper Limb Pain That Is Not CTS
  • EDX and Clinical Approach to Lumbosacral Plexopathies
  • EDX of Muscles of Face and Neck in Neurogenic Palsies and NMJ Disorders
  • Late Responses: F Wave Responses and H Reflexes
  • Lower Limb Sensory Study Workshop
  • Needle EMG of the Foot
  • RNS
  • Lower Limb Sensory Study Workshop
  • Needle EMG of the Foot
  • RNS
  • SFEMG and Jitter Measurement During Voluntary Muscle Contraction

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The new information and knowledge I gain each year is what keeps me coming back. I bring a lot of what I learn at these meetings back to my patients.

Pritikanta Paul, MD AANEM Member