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Loma Linda University Health

11175 Campus St, Coleman Pavilion
Rm 11116
Loma Linda, CA 92354

Training Program Director

Jeffrey Rosenfeld, PhD MD

Training Program Coordinator

Crystal Cisneros

2 Fellowship positions for the 2025-2026 Fellowship Year.
Considering: Neurology & PM&R Candidates

2 Letters of Recommendation requested for applying

The major goals of this fellowship program are to train neuromuscular specialists in the numerous therapeutic opportunities available to patients with neuromuscular disorders. Furthermore, training in patient care, multidisciplinary treatment approaches, molecular medicine, clinical research, teaching, and patient education. The major objectives of our program are to develop expertise in the recognition, diagnosis, treatment, and management of the full spectrum of neuromuscular disorders, such as: motor neuron disease, myopathies, inherited disorders of muscle and nerve and inflammatory/autoimmune conditions. Opportunity for gaining expertise and certification in electrodiagnostics ( EMG/NCS) will also be available

This fellowship is not ACGME accredited.

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