Training Program Center

We are committed to providing resources and tools designed to help physicians in training and the training programs that educate them succeed. We recognize the importance of education and professional development in the field of neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine, and strive to make these opportunities accessible to residents, fellows, and training programs through our Training Program Partnership, Self-Assessment Examinations, and Fellowship Match Portal.

Training Program Partnership (TPP)

When your department participates in TPP, residents and fellows gain access to hundreds of NM and EDX-related training resources, deep annual meeting discounts, and more. TPP is available to international programs, as well as those within the United States.

Self-Assessment Examinations (SAEs) for Training Programs

Our SAEs provide training program directors with the opportunity to compare the knowledge of their residents and fellows with others throughout the country. Each year in May, the AANEM offers two SAEs that are proctored on-site at hundreds of institutions. 

AANEM Fellowship Match Portal

The AANEM Fellowship Match Portal facilitates a standardized timeline and fair process for NM medicine and EMG-focused clinical neurophysiology fellowship applications and offers. All ACGME approved NM medicine fellowships participate on a mandatory basis and CNP (EMG) fellowships participate on a voluntary basis. All other fellowships are eligible to be listed on the fellowship listing page.