In 1951, a small group of physicians practicing clinical electromyography and electrodiagnosis expressed a desire to organize a professional society dedicated to the growing medical specialty. They wanted to create a professional network; to build a platform for discussion of research; and to establish standards and measure quality. A society for medical professionals practicing electrodiagnostic medicine did not exist at the time. On August 29, 1953, another gathering took place at the Palmer House in Chicago, IL, to formally organize the American Association of Electromyography and Electrodiagnosis (AAEE). 

Founding Members

Timeline & Highlights

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  • NM Peds Task Force created to grow the community within AANEM
  • First AI session offered at the annual meeting
  • Medical students added to the Young Leadership Council
  • Trainee Talk began
  • CTS Severity Group established
  • First Emerging Leadership forum held
  • Lessons from the Lab started
  • "Guidelines for Qualifications of Neurodiagnostic Personnel: A Joint Position Statement" from AANEM, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS), American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring (ASNM), and ASET - The Neurodiagnostic Society published
  • Updated consensus statement: Intravenous immunoglobulin in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders published


  • Young Leadership Council established
  • AANEM sends letter to AAP, AAPM&R, and ABPM&R advocating for maintaining 200 EMG requirement
  • Patient Safety Articles added to Spark


  • Over $1.5M transferred to the American Neuromuscular Foundation to increase research funding
  • First virtual spring conference held
  • ABEM moves from maintenance of certification examination to Core Comp – continuous certification
  • First NM Virtual Career Fellowship held
  • First APP education offered


  • Membership provided guidance and resources related to the COVID pandemic
  • Virtual annual meeting held during COVID pandemic 
  • Added the Early Career membership rate
  • Surinderjit Singh Young Lectureship Award added to the AANEM meeting
  • The Utility and Practice of EDX Testing in the Pediatric Population: An AANEM Consensus Statement published
  • Establishing Standards for Acceptable Waveforms in NCSs published
  • AANEM - IFCN glossary of terms in neuromuscular electrodiagnostic medicine and ultrasound published
  • NM Fellowship Portal created
  • Published the CTS measure set
  • Introduced our first federal legislation– HR 8780
  • Teachable Moments started


  • The AANEM for Foundation for Research and Education renamed the American Neuromuscular Foundation
  • ABEM adds NM US Certificate of Added Qualification examination


  • First MACRA & the QPP: A Guide for AANEM Members provided to members
  • AANEM Connect launched


  • Handouts for course and plenary discontinued in favor of recordings
  • New position statement on the use of EDX testing in the diagnosis of distal sensory polyneuropathy approved
  • Medical students added as a category of membership, Junior members renamed to Residency/Fellowship members


  • Over $3M transferred from the AAENM to the AANEM Foundation
  • Establishing High-Quality Reference Values for NCS and Electrodiagnostic Reference Values for Upper and Lower Limb NCS in Adult Populations  published
  • Training Program Partnership created
  • Laryngeal EMG Consensus Statement approved
  • AANEM signs contract with RAND for project entitled The Value of High Quality Electrodiagnostic Study in Work-Associated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 


  • Lobbyist in Washington DC hired to work with CMS and Congress to prevent fraud and abuse


  • Value Based Payment position paper created
  • ABEM eliminates oral examination and approves moving to a testing center
  • Guidelines and Summary for Limb Girdle and Distal Dystrophies approved
  • On Site/Real Time position paper created
  • AANEM creates Choosing Wisely statements
  • Partners with Wake Forest to hold US Workshop


  • Reporting The Results of Diagnostic Neuromuscular Ultrasound published
  • Laboratory Accreditation extended to laboratories located in Canada and US government laboratories offered abroad


  • AANEM reaches 100 laboratories accredited
  • Significant reimbursement cuts implemented by CMS for 2013
  • News Science Editorial Board created to provide summaries of journal articles for the membership


  • Tim Dillingham Proposes NCS Standardization Task Force
  • First laboratories approved
  • First Technologist Examination offered by ABEM
  • First neuromuscular medicine SAE offered
  • Bylaws changed to add collaborators to membership
  • Neuromuscular Medicine Qualifications Position statement published


  • AANEM launches Laboratory Accreditation
  • CNCT credential developed
  • Grandfathered AAET certification


  • Allied Health membership proposed to Bylaws and is rejected. Instead, technologist and researchers are added
  • NM ultrasound qualification published


  • Lawrence Phillips, II, MD becomes new Muscle & Nerve Editor
  • First teleconference offered by AANEM
  • Last videotape learning center held at annual meeting


  • Olney Lecture Established
  • MI bill passes making EMG the practice of medicine
  • Reporting the Results of Needle EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies published


  • AAEM becomes AANEM to reflect the broadening of its scope
  • Symposia and ultrasound added to the annual meeting


  • Members dues are $245
  • First Industry Forum held
  • Joint AANEM and IFCN meeting held


  • ABEM holds first maintenance of certification examination
  • Annual meeting registration available online for the first time



  • AAEM publishes volume 1 Guidelines in Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  • AAEM produces first educational CD ROM


  • Michael Aminoff becomes Muscle & Nerve editor
  • Peter Grant becomes Positive Waves editor


  • Neil Busis creates AAEM web homepage
  • AAEM Foundation for Research and Education established
  • Ella Van Laningham retires, Shirlyn Adkins named executive director


  • First email is sent to members
  • ABEM creates recertification examination


  • AAEM creates Positive Waves as a member benefit and selects John Kincaid, MD, as its first editor


  • Dinner seminars added to the annual meeting

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  • Membership votes to change name to American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AAEM)
  • AAEM publishes first practice parameter


  • Jun Kimura, MD, becomes editor of Muscle & Nerve


  • American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM) formed
  • AAEM's application for a seat in the American Medical Association House of Delegates is accepted
  • Tom Swift, MD, and Ian MacLean, MD, serve as AAEM's first HOD delegates


  • Workshops and video tape library added to annual meeting


  • Muscle & Nerve becomes official journal of the AAEE with Walter Bradley, DM, FRCP, as editor
  • News & Comments becomes regular feature in Muscle & Nerve


  • Case report series added as member benefit
  • First glossary published

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  • Rochester, MN, becomes AAEE's home office
  • Ella Van Laningham is hired as executive secretary
  • First set of guidelines published


  • Courses added to the annual meeting


  • Monograph series started as member benefit
  • Gisela Wiederholt named AAEE's first executive secretary


  • Gisela Wiederholt hired as part-time secretary

Watch: President Ernest W. Johnson, MD
Watch: Dr. John L. Melvin Discusses the Organization's Focus During 1979-80



  • First examination given to 26 individuals on a trial basis



  • First newsletter sent to members
  • Y. Thomas Oester, MD, served as newsletter editor


  • First annual scientific meeting held in Washington, D.C.


  • American Association of Electromyography and Electrodiagnosis (AAEE) founded at the Palmer House in Chicago, IL
  • Membership dues were $10


  • James Golseth holds meeting at the Shirley-Savoy Hotel in Denver, CO, to discuss creating an organization for electromyography

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Watch: Dr. George H. Koepke Reflects on AANEM's Early Years