Lab Accreditation

The AANEM EDX Laboratory Accreditation Program is a voluntary, peer-review process that acknowledges laboratories for achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality, performance, and integrity based on professional standards.

Accreditation is available to all types and sizes of practices based in the United States.

The Value of Laboratory Accreditation

Obtaining accreditation shows patients, payers, and the public that your laboratory meets the standards for quality in your field, and helps prevent fraud & abuse by ensuring that only qualified physicians are performing EMG. AANEM EDX Laboratory Accreditation:

  • Demonstrates clinical excellence in EDX medicine
  • Proves a laboratory’s commitment to providing the highest quality health care and a safe environment for patients
  • Provides patients, referral sources, and payers with a credible measure to differentiate the laboratory’s quality of care
  • Demonstrates to EDX trainees (residents and fellows) that your laboratories provide the best quality EDX environment in which to learn

Why Should Payers Consider Laboratory Accreditation?

Private and public payers need a tool to identify quality EDX studies. AANEM’s program helps payers to be sure their payments are made to providers trained to perform EDX testing and who use the appropriate equipment, are onsite, and provide real-time diagnosis (See also: Electrodiagnostic Services: Pay for Quality).

This ensures patient safety, best quality, lowest cost, and helps payers avoid paying for fraudulent services.

To learn more about the AANEM’s program, check out the EDX Laboratory Accreditation brochure. For further information, read AANEM’s position statements on providing quality patient care.