Advance Your Career in NM Medicine or CNP - Apply for Fellowship Through the AANEM Fellowship Match Portal

The AANEM Fellowship Match Portal facilitates a standardized timeline and fair process for NM medicine and EMG-focused clinical neurophysiology fellowship applications and offers.

  • NM medicine fellowships will utilize AANEM's Fellowship Match Portal -- a comprehensive application, communication, and match system on a coordinated timeline.
  • Clinical neurophysiology (EMG) fellowships may utilize the portal system if they so choose.
  • All other types of fellowships will be listed for informational purposes only in the Other Fellowships page.
  • Institutions may offer an online open house so applicants can find out more about their fellowship program. Visit our open house listing page for the most recent list.

Fellowship Match Timeline

Oct 1
Fellowship Portal Opens for Programs

All programs must review and submit their fellowship listing for the upcoming application cycle through the Manage a Fellowship application. Listings must be reviewed each year in order to be relisted. Fellowship listings are visible in the the  Neuromuscular Fellowship Portal or the Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG) Fellowship Portal  immediately upon review after Oct 1.

Jan 1
Fellowship Portal Opens for Applicants
Candidates may begin uploading required application documents and requesting Letters of Recommendation. They may apply for fellowship positions at this time, but institutions will not see any applications until March 1 (there is no advantage to applying before Feb 28).
March 1
Applications Are Released to Programs

All previously submitted applications will be sent to institutions. Any applications submitted after March 1 will be available to programs as they're submitted.

Interviews May Be Conducted

Programs may coordinate interviews with candidates at this time. Please follow institutions' guidelines with regard to interview format. All communications must be done through the Portal.

May 28
Rank Lists Are Due

Preferred rank order of programs and candidates must be submitted to be eligible for the match.

June 3
Match Day

Match results will be delivered at 11 am (CDT).

Training Program Directors

You can manage your fellowship listing to add a new opening, update information about your program, and more!

Manage My Fellowship