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Committee Listing

EDX Lab Accreditation Committee

Establish criteria/standards for evaluating EDX laboratories and bringing these to the AANEM Board for approval; assess whether EDX laboratories meet and maintain standards set by the Board; promote self-assessment and enhancement of the quality of EDX studies produced by EDX laboratories. Review applications and make decisions regarding approving or denying applications. The committee identifies educational needs from the peer review process for future educational products/sessions.

Committee Time Commitment: 3 hours per year

Committee Members

Joshua Alpers

Signal Mountain, TN
Committee Member
Term:  9/17 - 10/20

Elliot Dimberg

Jacksonville, FL
Committee Member
Term:  9/17 - 10/20

Peter Grant

Medford, OR
Committee Member
Term:  10/09 - 10/20

Ghazala Hayat

Saint Louis, MO
Committee Chair
Term:  9/17 - 10/19

Jin Luo

Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member
Term:  10/13 - 10/19

Ziba Ranjbaran

Irvine, CA
Committee Member
Term:  10/18 - 10/20

Mohammad Saeed

Tacoma, WA
Committee Member
Term:  10/13 - 10/20

Benjamin Sucher

Paradise Valley, AZ
Committee Member
Term:  9/17 - 10/20

Vincent Tranchitella

York, PA
Committee Member
Term:  10/12 - 10/20

Anna Vredenburg

Rochester, MN
Staff Liaison
Term:  Perpetual

Peter Warinner

Wellesley, MA
Committee Member
Term:  9/17 - 10/20

Simon Zimnowodzki

San Marcos, CA
Committee Member
Term:  9/16 - 10/19






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