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AANEM News Express

President Biden’s Initial Health Care Priorities


On Wednesday, January 20, President Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. In typical presidential fashion, shortly after being sworn in, President Biden issued several executive orders, many of which related directly to health care and, more specifically, the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, as is customary, members of President Trump’s administration, 

Science News: Placebo Effect in Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy: The PATH Study and a Systematic Review

Placebos (pharmacologically inert preparations) are used in treatment trials to assess the true effect of trial medication. Placebo responses have been noted in CIDP trials including the most recent PATH trial investigating subcutaneous IVIG as maintenance therapy.

2021-2022 AANEM & ABEM Committee Volunteers Needed

Are you looking to get more involved in AANEM or meet and collaborate with more of your colleagues? You can accomplish this, AND help the AANEM achieve its mission to improve the quality of patient care and advance the science of NM and EDX medicine.

COVID-19 Vaccine: AANEM Publishes Guidance for Patients with NMDs

At the end of 2020, with announcement of the impending approval of not one but two vaccines against COVID-19, AANEM staff faced a sudden influx of phone calls and emails from members, nonmember physicians, and even some NM patients inquiring about the safety of such vaccines for NM patients. The AANEM Quality & Patient Safety Committee quickly took up the task of researching the data available on the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as looking at the safety and efficacy of vaccines in general in this patient population.

2021 AANEM Annual Meeting: Funds Available for Physicians from Economically Developing Countries to Attend

The American Neuromuscular Foundation and North American Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) International Scholarships provide an opportunity for physicians who practice in economically developing countries to apply for funds to support their education through attendance at an AANEM meeting.

Science News: An Appraisal of Electrodiagnostic Studies in Stiff Person Syndrome

This is a review of electrodiagnostic (EDX) findings for diagnosis of stiff person syndrome (SPS). The authors performed a literature review of EDX findings in SPS as well as an online survey of SPS among EDX labs accredited by the AANEM.

AANEM Launches Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship Portal and Virtual Fellowship Fair

On January 1, 2021, the AANEM launched the Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship Portal. The new portal makes it easier than ever for physicians interested in a neuromuscular (NM) fellowship to apply, and for Training Program Directors to make offers.

2020 Omnibus Bill Averts Expected Medicare Cuts for Neurology and PM&R

The final COVID-19 relief legislation of 2020 was passed by Congress late on December 21. Included in this massive 5,593 page omnibus bill are several provisions expected to have substantial, positive impacts for physicians, including significantly softening what was expected to be a large reduction to the Medicare conversion factor in 2021.

Muscle & Nerve Editorial Board Adds Social Media Manager Role

Mohamed Kazamel, MD, has been selected to join the Muscle & Nerve Editorial Board. Dr. Kazamel will be responsible for managing Muscle & Nerve’s social media accounts, gaining followers, and growing the journal’s presence across all platforms.

Meet the American Neuromuscular Foundation's Public Board Member

The AANEM's foundation, The American Neuromuscular Foundation (ANF), is excited to introduce its first Public Board Member, Barry McLeish. McLeish will spearhead the effort to help ANF become a driving force in neuromuscular research.