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AANEM News Express

MYPN Mutations and Myopathies

These reports in The American Journal of Human Genetics and Annals of Neurology expand our knowledge of genetic mutations causing rod and cap myopathies adding to the already known mutations affecting other components of the thin filaments.

Seeking Nominations for AANEM Board

The AANEM Nominating Committee seeks AANEM Board of Director candidates to present for election at the annual meeting.

AANEM Member Helps Nepal Earthquake Victims Recover

The International Rehabilitation Forum (IRF), directed by AANEM member Andrew J. Haig, MD, is helping lead medical rehabilitation efforts after the Nepal earthquake disaster. The group is advising rehabilitation responders, providing guidance in government response planning, and raising funds to support the country’s long-term disaster recovery.

Father-Daughter Team Shares Passion for Neuromuscular Medicine

Neurologists Ludwig “Lud” Gutmann, MD, and Laurie Gutmann, MD, share a passion for neuromuscular medicine—they also share DNA. A rare father-daughter neurology team, the Gutmanns’ first project together began when Laurie was a third year medical student at West Virginia University (WVU) over two decades ago. 






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