Trainee Talk: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: A Showcase of Young Leadership Council Projects and Achievements

Published April 26, 2024

Trainee Talk

Submitted by: Andriana Tompary, DO
NM Fellow, University of North Carolina 

The Young Leadership Council (YLC), inaugurated at the 2022 AANEM Annual Meeting with 12 residents and fellows from programs nationwide, is dedicated to amplifying the trainee voice within AANEM and fostering educational, mentorship, networking, and leadership opportunities among the next generation of NM providers. Since 2022, the YLC has grown to 14 members and now comprises of members ranging from medical students to new attending physicians. The council has focused on several key initiatives to enhance educational resources and foster mentorship opportunities.  

During the Spring 2023 meeting, the YLC convened to focus on career development, featuring insights from a diverse panel of neurologists and physiatrists discussing various career paths in NM medicine. Additionally, Wes Cleveland, JD, a senior attorney at the American Medical Association, provided valuable guidance on understanding physician employment contracts, emphasizing the importance of comprehending contract terms, regardless of negotiation interests. 

One significant area of focus for the YLC over the past year has been the review and organization of content within the Training Program Partnership (TPP). One of the ideas was to reorganize and categorize material into basic, intermediate, and advanced topics. The council, with the guidance of the GME Committee, has been reviewing the 144 podcasts in the TPP Resident & Fellows Material catalog. Through meticulous review and categorization of TPP materials, the council has aimed to streamline access to educational resources, making them more accessible and relevant to medical trainees at various stages of their careers.  

Additionally, the YLC has spearheaded the creation of the Trainee Talk series, providing a platform for members to share their experiences and insights with the broader AANEM community. These articles, featured in AANEM's digital and print publications, offer practical advice, reflections on training experiences, and reviews of educational resources, further enriching the educational landscape for trainees.  

The council has also been actively engaged in outreach efforts to medical students, aiming to increase interest in NM medicine and encourage participation in AANEM activities. Through collaborations with student interest groups and targeted outreach initiatives, the YLC has sought to provide early exposure to the field and highlight mentorship opportunities within AANEM.  

Furthermore, the YLC's participation in the Emerging Leaders Forum and ongoing discussions about the future direction of AANEM reflect their commitment to shaping the future of NM medicine. By actively contributing to discussions on fellowship recruitment strategies, case review webinars, and the reorganization of educational materials, the council continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the field and supporting the next generation of leaders in NM medicine.