Trainee Talk: Top 3 Training Program Partnership (TPP) Benefits for Residents & Fellows

Published July 24, 2023

Trainee Talk

Submitted by: Nadia Khalil, MD, USF Chief Neurology Resident

  1. Access a Robust Library of NM and EDX Resources

    The TPP opens the door to a comprehensive repertoire of learning material in neuromuscular disease and electrodiagnostics. The content has elements that can be used both as a crash-course and as a supplement to program-directed didactics. It features a diverse array of educational media to address the needs of all types of learners. These include recorded presentations, podcasts, reading material, and case-based exercises.

  2. Test Your NM Knowledge and EDX Skills

    The TPP includes multiple comprehensive examinations and topic-specific practice tests. These can be used by trainees to conduct self-assessments and identify strengths and weaknesses in order to tailor individualized learning plans.

  3. Become an AANEM Member
    The TPP package includes AANEM membership for all residents and fellows, plus added membership perks. Trainees are welcomed into the neuromuscular community and given the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field as they embark on their journeys in neuromuscular medicine. Additional perks include access to AANEM Spark, a biweekly electronic newsletter that features updates in the field, updates in the community, and upcoming events; access to AANEM Edge, a biannual mailed newsletter that highlights developments in advocacy, education, community, and research; and access to the AANEM Connect, a member-only discussion forum.

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“Trainee Talk” is a recurring publication series featuring submissions by Young Leadership Council members. The unique experiences and insights of physicians in training are incredibly valuable to the larger AANEM community, and this platform aims to amplify voices of physicians in training and showcase important work from the Young Leadership Council.