Plenary Sessions

The 2021 AANEM Annual Meeting Plenary Topic is "New Worlds, New Ways."

“Building on the plenary programs of the past several meeting which have focused on the new groundbreaking treatments for multiple neuromuscular diseases, we hope to look at the clinical progress of those treatments and the ethical challenges they present. And with the pandemic, hopefully looking forward at how we can better address care for your neuromuscular patients, along with the disparities in healthcare and for those who provide it.”
–Dr. Bonnie Weigert, AANEM 2021 President

AANEM is excited to announce the plenary sessions for the 2021 Annual Meeting: 

Ethical Issues With New Neuromuscular Therapies
Olney Lecture
Walton Schalick, MD
Importance of Quality EDX
Reiner Lecture
Peter Grant, MD
Engineering Health Care for Managing a Pandemic and Eliminating Disparities in Care 
Lambert Lecture
Roderic Pettigrew, MD, PhD
Pushing the Boundary of Normal in Electrodiagnostic Interpretation
Surinderjit Singh Young Lecture
Sandra Hearn, MD
Clinical Outcomes With New SMA Treatments
Basil Darras, MD
Advancing Gender Equity in Medicine
Kathryn Rexrode, MD