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Find a Fellowship in Electrodiagnostic or Neuromuscular Medicine

The AANEM's listing of fellowships in electrodiagnostic (EDX) and neuromuscular (NM) medicine is an informational service submitted voluntarily by institutions for candidates to search for opportunities. Candidates may also apply to fellowships utilizing the AANEM's Fellowship Portal.

Visit the ACGME website for a list of ACGME Accredited Program and Sponsoring Institutions.

New for 2022 Application Cycle

In the interest of providing the best experience for all parties involved, the AANEM's portal system will utilize a two-way match process based on rankings provided by both the candidates and the institutions. Both programs and applicants will be asked to certify they agree to accept the results of the match and not to offer/accept positions outside of the system. This match process will replace the offer-based system that was utilized in the 2021 application cycle. Additional feedback from the 2021 application cycle will be utilized to improve user experience and make the system more efficient.


Interested in pursuing a fellowship in EDX or NM medicine? AANEM's fellowship resources will help you find what you're looking for.

Utilize the Neuromuscular Fellowship Portal or the Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG) Fellowship Portal to find and apply for fellowships. Other fellowships are also listed for informational purposes only, but do not utilize the Portal application system.


Applicant Key Portal Dates

Jan 1 Begin uploading your required application documents, request Letters of Recommendation, and review fellowship listings as they are posted. You may apply for fellowship positions at this time, but institutions will not see your application until Mar 1.
Mar 1 Institutions will receive all previously submitted applications on this date. Interviews with institutions may be coordinated at this time.
Mar-May Interview with institutions for fellowship positions. Please follow institutions' guidelines with regard to interview format.
May 25 Preferred rank order of institutions must be submitted to be eligible for the match.
Jun 1 Match results will be delivered at 11 AM CST.


If you have a fellowship that you would like listed on the AANEM website, please utilize the Manage a Fellowship application to relist a previous listing or create a new listing. Neuromuscular fellowships will utilize AANEM's Fellowship Portal system -- a comprehensive application, communication, and match system on a coordinated timeline. Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG) fellowships may utilize the portal system if they so choose for 2022. All other types of fellowships will be listed for informational purposes only in the Other Fellowships listing.

Institution Key Portal Dates

Dec 1 Review your previous fellowship listing to ensure validity. Listings need to be reviewed each cycle in order to be relisted. Submit any new fellowships your institution may be offering.
Mar 1 Review candidates as they apply for your fellowship. You may coordinate interviews with the candidates at this time.
Mar-May Interview applicants for fellowship positions. We anticipate that most, if not all, programs will conduct interviews virtually this year, but we recommend following your institutional guidelines.
May 25 Preferred rank order of candidates must be submitted to be eligible for the match.
Jun 1 Match results will be delivered at 11 AM CST.


The AANEM does not review, evaluate, or provide input regarding this list. It is not necessarily complete, and inclusion of a program does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by the AANEM. This listing is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM) in any way. Completion of any of the listed fellowships does not guarantee satisfaction of the ABEM eligibility requirement of completion of a preceptorship in EDX medicine. Any statement included in this listing that completion of the fellowship will enable a candidate to qualify for examination by a particular board should be investigated by the individual applying for the fellowship. Candidates should contact the individual boards for determination of eligibility requirements.


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