Model Report

Report Sample

Helping physicians improve the quality of their reports is a key goal for the AANEM. The report template below is based on the AANEM’s educational paper Reporting the Results of Nerve Conduction Studies and Needle EMG. A report template helps the EDX physician adhere to and document required procedures —by checking them off a list. This process will help the EDX physician complete a thorough analysis of the patient’s history, physical, and EDX data that will improve diagnostic accuracy and result in better quality patient care. The template also will help laboratories applying for the laboratory accreditation program meet the criteria used to evaluate EDX reports. The template was developed listing the key elements for an EDX standard report excluding F-wave, H-reflex, and repetitive stimulation studies. Physicians are strongly urged to utilize this template to improve their reports. 

Creation of New Guidelines, Consensus Statements, or Position Papers
AANEM members are encouraged to submit ideas for papers that can improve the understanding of the field. The AANEM will review nominated topics on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Members’ needs
  • Prevalence of condition
  • Health impact of condition for the individual and others
  • Socioeconomic impact
  • Extent of practice variation
  • Quality of available evidence
  • External constraints on practice
  • Urgency for evaluation of new practice technology

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