Trainee Talk: The Benefits of Serving on an AANEM Committee

Published December 26, 2023

Trainee Talk

Submitted by: Nakul Katyal, MD, NM Neurologist at University of Kentucky Neuroscience Institute 

I started serving on the News Science Editorial Board (NSEB) committee as a neurology resident. This dynamic committee has the responsibility of reviewing more than 40 scholarly journals, curating the most relevant and up-to-date scientific findings, and providing journal article summaries on topics of significance within the realms of neuromuscular medicine (NM) and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), all to benefit AANEM members like myself.

My involvement with NSEB significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth. It served as a valuable source of knowledge, keeping me consistently updated on recent research trends. This experience was instrumental in motivating me to pursue a neuromuscular fellowship.

During my fellowship, the wealth of research papers discussed in NSEB meetings became an invaluable resource. I incorporated many of these findings into my journal club presentations, enriching my understanding and facilitating meaningful discussions.

Now, as an attending physician, the impact of NSEB on my practice is profound. The evidence-based knowledge gleaned from the committee's work has empowered me to provide higher-quality care to my patients. It enables me to implement the latest research findings into treatment strategies, ultimately benefiting those under my care.

Beyond it's educational benefits, NSEB has also been a fantastic platform for networking and collaborating with peers. Dissecting high-yield articles from significant journals during our meetings has been both informative and enjoyable.

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that the NSEB committee has provided me over the years. I look forward to continuing my involvement with this committee.

If you're interested in volunteering on a committee, explore your options on the AANEM website.

“Trainee Talk” is a recurring publication series featuring submissions by Young Leadership Council members. The unique experiences and insights of physicians in training are incredibly valuable to the larger AANEM community, and this platform aims to amplify voices of physicians in training and showcase important work from the Young Leadership Council.