Trainee Talk: Young Leadership Council 2023 Emerging Leaders Forum

Published June 26, 2023

Trainee Talk

Submitted by: Nadia Khalil, MD, USF Chief Neurology Resident

Our inaugural Young Leadership Council was established at the 2022 AANEM Annual Meeting and is made up of 12 residents and fellows from programs across the country. Our purpose is to represent the trainee voice within the AANEM and spearhead initiatives to bolster educational, mentorship, networking, and leadership opportunities. Our council convened at AANEM spring meeting May 6, 2023, in Chicago to work towards these goals and to participate in AANEM-sponsored career development and leadership training.

As a result of a robust discussion with AANEM leadership, including President Dr. Robert Irwin and President-Elect Dr. Dianna Quan, and guided by our Leadership Liaisons, Drs. Michael Skolka and James Eubanks, we are pleased to share our top priority is to enhance the AANEM Training Program Partnership with a new and improved organization of the educational materials, to help with content navigation, and to expand its usership. We are also excited to launch this new publication series, “Trainee Talk,” authored by Young Leadership Council members and covering a variety of topics, including council updates, AANEM resources, AANEM events, experiences in training, and interviews with our NM leaders and experts. Articles, like this one, will be published in various print and digital publications and featured in AANEM’s biweekly e-newsletter, SPARK.

As part of the career development series, we heard from a heterogeneous panel of neurologists and physiatrists on career phenotypes in NM medicine. Together, they covered a variety of practice models, including private, academic, Veterans Affairs, and industry practices, each with or without additional focuses in research and medical education. For most, careers were dynamic and evolved over time, especially as experience accrued and interests changed. By and large, each emphasized that a career could be molded and refined to fit individual passions and expertise.

We also heard from Wes Cleveland, JD, a senior attorney at the American Medical Association, on “Physician Employment Contracts 101” to address our needs as trainees preparing to enter the workforce. He reviewed the most important components of a contract, defined terms for us, and provided tips on what to include in negotiations. The most crucial takeaway from the session was this: the best measure a potential employee can take is to understand the contract, regardless of whether or not there is any interest in negotiating terms. This is usually best accomplished through review with a contract lawyer, who can be identified through state medical associations.

Overall, we had a highly productive and thoroughly enjoyable meeting. We concluded with delicious Italian food at Carlucci’s in the highest of spirits with renewed enthusiasm for ongoing fervent dedication to the AANEM’s mission.