Test your Knowledge: Question from Lessons from the Lab Episode 1

Published January 22, 2023


Test your knowledge and attempt to answer the question from Lessons from the Lab Episode 1 below. Lessons from the Lab, a new educational video series, was recently launched on AANEM's YoutTube channel. This new series is designed to be a more casual and informal educational resource to learn one the go through video and audio. 

Find the answer by viewing Lessons from the Lab Episode 1, or scroll to the bottom of this article.



Which of the following would most likely be abnormal in mild median neuropathy at the wrist when the median orthodromic (palmar) absolute distal latency is normal?

A) Median orthodromic (palmar) amplitude

B) Combined sensory index of 3 comparison studies

C) Median motor distal latency

D) Needle examination of the abductor pollicis brevis


Robinson LR, Micklesen PJ, Wang L. Strategies for analyzing nerve conduction data: superiority of a summary index over single tests. Muscle Nerve. 1998;21(9):1166-1171.

Answer: B