SSM Saint Louis University Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory

Lab Medical Director: Ghazala Hayat, MD

What prompted you to accredit your lab initially?
To ensure quality of care to diagnose neuromuscular disease.

What value or benefits have you seen from accreditation?
Accreditation process is an opportunity to do a comprehensive internal and external review of our Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory. Successful accreditation is a privilege and assurance that we are providing high quality of neurophysiology procedures for our patients.

How did going through the accreditation process help you shore up or improve processes and procedures?
We internally reviewed all physicians NCS/EMG reports, discussed a variety of procedural techniques and standardized the reports with a brief history and limited examination before the study data, interpretation, and conclusion for the completeness.

What did you learn by going through the accreditation process?
Our Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory has been consistently running with the same standard over the past 30 years. Although staffs and faculties have been changed overtime, our laboratory maintains a high quality of procedures and be accredited and maintain accreditation.

What was the most challenging portion of the application?
There are many documents that are required for the accreditation process from individual physicians, technical support, and the hospital. It requires cooperation from everyone in the laboratory, and is time consuming.

Did anything about the accreditation process surprise you? If so, what?

Why should others accredit their laboratory?
Ensure quality of care for patients who are evaluated for neuromuscular disorders and undergoing electrophysiological studies.

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