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Open Houses

University of Virginia Medical Center
Open House: 1/19/23 4 PM EST Join Open House

University of California (San Francisco)
Open House: 1/20/23 10:30 AM PST; Zoom: 985 6882 7160; Password 398241 Join Open House

Stanford University School of Medicine
Open House: 1/24/23 5:30 PM PST Join Open House

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science-Rochester, MN
Open House: 1/24/23 5:00-6:00 p.m. - Central Time Zone Join Open House

University of Rochester Medical Center
Open House: 1/27/23 6:00PM EST Meeting Passcode: 314524 Join Open House

University of Florida
Open House: 1/27/23 6 pm EST Join Open House

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Open House: 1/31/23 6pm Eastern Time (ET) Join Open House

Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Open House: 2/1/23 6 PM EST Zoom ID 995 4154 2022, Passcode 811167 Join Open House

University of Cincinnati, Department of Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine
Open House: 2/9/23 6-7 PM EST Join Open House

Rush University Medical Center
Open House: 2/23/23 7 pm Central Join Open House


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