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FAQs - Programs

What should we do if our program has internal candidates who would like to stay on as fellows, and our program does not feel it needs to interview any further applicants?
Your program must still use the AANEM Fellowship Match, even if you plan to recruit from within your own residency program.

The purpose of a match is to ensure that all applicants have an opportunity to find the program that is the best fit for them. There is a power differential in residency programs, and residents may not feel comfortable telling mentors that they are interested in exploring other options. If the intention for that internal applicant to stay is truly mutual, as it is in most cases, there is no need for either the program to offer other interviews or the applicant to interview at other programs, and you can both rank each other first. Participating even when you have internal candidates demonstrates to the rest of the fellowship community that your program is committed to an equitable match process. 

Not complying with the AANEM Fellowship Match this year would result in your program being removed from the AANEM fellowship website and banned from use of the AANEM fellowship portal and match the following year’s match cycle.

What happens if my program makes an offer to an applicant prior to the AANEM Fellowship Match on June 1?
This would constitute a violation of the rules of the fellowship match set forth by the AANEM Fellowship Committee, and it will result in your program being excluded from the AANEM Fellowship Match and banned from the AANEM Fellowship Portal for 1 year.

What happens if my program’s available fellowship positions do not fill through the AANEM Fellowship Match on June 1?
Unfilled programs will be listed on the portal system on June 1. Any unmatched applicants who are still looking for a position can then directly contact unfilled programs.

As part of the application process, applicants will be asked whether they would like their contact information to be shared with unfilled programs if they (the applicant) do not match. On June 1, programs may reach out directly to the applicants who share this information. 

Communications may still be conducted through the portal and offers may be extend when a qualified applicant is identified. 

Will there be a Fellowship Fair this year hosted by the AANEM?
No, there will not be an AANEM-hosted Fellowship Fair, but all programs are encouraged to record their own videos or host their own virtual open houses. Your videos and/or recordings of your virtual open house can be linked to your program’s page on the AANEM Fellowship Portal.

What if we are recruiting child neurologists for dedicated Pediatric Neuromuscular fellowship positions?
Programs may list their Pediatric NM position(s) separately from their Adult NM positions and create a dedicated rank list for child neurology residents. 

Please contact with any additional questions.



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