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FAQs - Applicants

The portal will not let me upload more than one USMLE transcript. How should I proceed?
If you have multiple documents that need to be uploaded, combine them into one file prior to uploading. 
I am a Canadian resident with a medical license through LMCC, and I haven’t sat for the USMLE. Can I still apply for fellowships?
Yes, you may provide a COMLEX or upload a copy of your LMCC, and write a note about your situation as free text in the section provided.
Do all of the institutions I apply to receive the same application, or can I personalize it for each program?
All programs receive the same application. However, in addition to your standard application documents, you may choose to upload program-specific cover letters. You would upload these within the individual fellowship listings, before clicking "apply" to the program
Can I apply to programs before I have completed all of my application documents?
You must have the following documents in your profile in order to apply:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • USMLE and/or COMLEX Score Report
  • International applicants should also provide an ECFMG Certification, but this is not required to apply
Can I apply to programs before all three of my letters of recommendation are complete?
Yes, you may apply before your letters of recommendation are complete. They can be uploaded at any time prior to March 1.
I am applying to both neuromuscular and CNP (EMG) fellowship programs. How does that work?
You will rank both programs within the same rank list. There are not separate rank lists for neuromuscular and CNP (EMG) programs. You will then be matched with the best possible match for you regardless of whether the program is a neuromuscular medicine or CNP (EMG) program.  

Please contact with any additional questions.


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