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Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG) Fellowship Portal

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University of Virginia Medical Center

1215 Lee St., PO Box 800394
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Training Program Director

Matthew Elliott, MD

Training Program Coordinator

Katie Christie

2 Fellowship positions for the 2024-2025 Fellowship Year.
Considering: Only Neurology Candidates

3 Letters of Recommendation requested for applying

Open House: 1/19/23 4 PM EST Join Open House

This clinically based, ACGME-accredited fellowship, involves experience in an accredited academic EMG laboratory that is more than sufficient for fellows to qualify for examinations in Clinical Neurophysiology (administered by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) and in EMG (administered by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine). When rotating on EMG (10 months), fellows spend roughly 30-35% of their time in outpatient neuromuscular clinic, 50% of time in the EMG laboratory and the remainder of time on elective (e.g. neuropathology, palliative care, rehabilitation, chemodenervation), or spent with administrative or research efforts. Research projects are encouraged, but not mandatory. There are three technicians in the lab to assist on NCS, and approximately 12 EMG studies are completed per day. For most years, there are 2 fellows—one EMG and one neuromuscular medicine. The goal of the EMG training is to train the fellow to be able to run a laboratory in an academic medical center. The fellow also participates in a neuromuscular consultation service for outpatients (approximately 1-2 inpatient consults per month). Research is conducted in a number of areas, including the neurophysiology of neuromuscular transmission, epidemiology of neuromuscular diseases, new and innovative EMG techniques, and treatment trials in various neuromuscular diseases, including ALS and diabetic neuropathy.

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