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Is IVIg Therapy Warranted in Progressive Lower Motor Neuron Syndromes Without Conduction Block?

Study reports results of treatment of 31 consecutive patients with focal-onset lower motor neuron pattern limb weakness with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg). None of the patients had EDX signs of a generalized motor neuron disorder or evidence of conduction block.

Science News: Neurofascin IgG4 Antibodies in CIDP Associate With Disabling Tremor and Poor Response

CIDP is readily diagnosed by finding a combination of proximal and distal weakness, nerve conduction studies showing acquired demyelination, and albuminocytological dissociation. There are, however, no biomarkers that predict response to therapy reliably.

Urological Diagnoses Increased in Muscular Dystrophies

A muscular dystrophy study shows urologic dysfunction increases in more advanced stages of the disease and proposes possible associations between the frequency of urologic diagnoses and degree of inactivity, such as urine stasis, and with chronic exposure to medications such as corticosteroids.

New Insight Into the Pathogenesis of Axon Degeneration

Following injury to an axon, the segment distal to the lesion site undergoes Wallerian degeneration characterized by loss of the action potential, destruction of the cytoskeleton, membrane fragmentation, and demyelination. Axonal degeneration also occurs during neurodegenerative disorders.

A New Form of Prion Disease Causes Autonomic Neuropathy

Prion diseases are transmissible, sporadic, or inherited diseases usually associated with progressive dementia or ataxia and not with dysautonomia or peripheral neuropathy.

Muscle Histone Deacetylase 4 Upregulation in ALS

The typical course of ALS is rapidly progressive but in some patients the course is protracted with prolonged survival, sometimes for decades. Could the HDA gene be a potential target for therapeutic approaches to slow disease progression?

High-Dosage Ascorbic Acid Treatment in CMT Disease Type 1A

One of the largest randomized controlled trials of an intervention for patients with CMT. Earlier studies using lower doses of AA did not prove effective, but higher doses in mouse models improved both clinical and histological outcomes.

Targeted Next Generation Sequencing in SPAST-Negative HSP

A promising and powerful technique to identify the cause of hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP)?

AANEM Launches ‘Neuromuscular Junction’ Online Forum

Ever wish you could ask other AANEM members how they handle a clinical or practice management situation? You now have 24/7 access to other members through a new online forum—Neuromuscular Junction.

Scientific News: A Simple Method to Assess C-fiber Function

A preliminary study from the United Kingdom confirms the reproducibility of the modified LDIFlare technique to assess C-fiber function.







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