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AANEM News Express

Bills Introduced in Congress to Delay ICD-10 Implementation

Over the last three weeks, bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate to block implementation of the ICD-10 diagnostic and procedure code set.

CMS Cuts and Access to Patient Care: Your Input Needed

When the 2013 Medicare fee schedule became public last November, our members predicted the drastic reduction in reimbursement for EDX procedures would impact patients, physicians, and employees of physicians’ practices.

What To Do When the U.S. Attorney General’s Office Calls

Return the call! It's an opportunity to educate key health care professionals, particularly now that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ cut reimbursement for electrodiagnostic procedures.

Senate Bill May End Sequestration for Rest of Fiscal 2013

Senate leaders plan to introduce a bill this week that would eliminate sequester cuts for the remainder of the fiscal year.

State Liaisons Passionate about Advocacy

Physicians from Hawaii to Delaware attended the annual state liaison training event on April 13 in Chicago as a part of the AANEM’s state liaison program.

Mandatory Cuts to Medicare Begin

As of April 1, Congress has not taken action to delay the mandatory sequestration cuts to Medicare payments. Therefore, any Medicare claims with a date of service on or after April 1 will incur the 2% reduction.

Committees Provide Opportunity to Network, ‘Shape the Future’

Shape the future of this organization by becoming involved in an AANEM committee or task force. The goal is to have each group represented.

United Healthcare to Reprocess EDX Claims

In response to a request from AANEM, United Healthcare announced this morning its plan to correct an error that has impacted provider reimbursement nationwide.

Sequestration Cuts Medicare Reimbursement Beginning April 1

The federal budget sequester went into effect March 1 after a lack of Congressional action to avoid the automatic spending cuts.

Medicare Reductions: What Can You Do Legally?

As the first Medicare checks of the New Year are arriving in physician practices, AANEM members are seeing the reality of the 2013 reimbursement changes, and they are raising many questions.