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Looking for provider to share office in Durango, CO

Robert Wallach9/15/23 8:10 AM (CDT)

Disclaimer: I have asked the site administrator and been told I can post this. This is NOT a job offer and I am NOT trying to hire anyone to work for me.

I live in Durango, CO. It's nice here.  I have a solo PM&R practice and have an office with 3 exam rooms.  I have room in my office for 1 (possibly more) providers to share on a full or part time basis.  We have the following resources in town:

-5 physiatrists, heavy in spine.  4 of us do EMG, 1 is very skilled in neuromuscular u/s. I'm trying to be more general spine/msk, EMG and work comp

-1 full time neurologist who is neuromuscular specialized at the local Mercy hospital.  He's super busy and hard to access.

-1 newer neurologist who just started a cash only practice.  He may or may not get busy but with the model he has excluded the vast majority of potential patients

-No endocrinologist

-not enough rheumatologists 

-no pain-psychology

-no neuropsychologists

-we have a full-service regional hospital, a smaller surgical hospital, infusion center, 3 facilities with MRI including a 3-tesla unit

If there is anyone interested (or you know anyone) in discussing a move to Durango and setting up your own practice within my space, please let me know.  After working in groups for about 12 years, I opened my own practice 4 years ago and it's the best thing I've ever done, and easier than I thought.  Overhead is very low and modern EMR systems are a game changer.  

A general neurologist would be instantly busy, as would any of the above list that are willing to take insurance. Given the number of us who alredy do EMG, a neurologist who isn't interested in EMG would be a better fit.




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