All CNCTs (certified/registered technologists) are required to participate in the ABEM’s Technologist Maintenance of Certification Program (TMOCP) to maintain their knowledge and skills related to the performance of nerve conduction studies. It is important to the patients and your employer that you continue to be qualified to perform the studies. The ABEM has simplified the requirements for maintenance of certification (also known as registration) to make it easy to complete. Technologists who pass the initial examination will be required to complete 5 AANEM CEU Checkpoint products by the end of their 5-year cycle.

    Advantages to this program include:

    • It’s easy to know what is needed to complete the program
    • You don’t have to study for an examination and wait for the results
    • There is no tracking/reporting needed – ABEM tracks for you
    • You don’t have to count CEUs. The Checkpoint products are designed to provide targeted relevant education for registered/certified technologists.
    • There is no risk that the CEUs you completed will be found inappropriate for credit
    • No need to travel to any meetings and document attendance, although attendance at the AANEM meeting counts as completing a checkpoint product and is worth over 20 CEUs. 
    • You can complete the program at your own speed within the 5 year cycle.

    To check your progress toward meeting this requirement for your current cycle, visit the  My TMOCP page. After you complete your current requirements in your current 5-year cycle, you will automatically be enrolled in a new 5-year cycle and simply need to complete 5 CEU Checkpoint products over the 5-year term. Dates will update once the current cycle end date has been reached.  
    If you let your original certificate expire, the ABEM website will show your certificate has expired. Once you complete your 5 CEU Checkpoint products, your certification will be reinstated but the ABEM website will show a lapse in your certification.