Initial Certification

If you are a technologist who is committed to improving the lives of patients with NM diseases and you specialize in performing nerve conduction studies (NCSs), you can showcase your expertise to the fullest with certification/registration through the ABEM CNCT Exam. Establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field to patients, employers, and your peers.

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Certified Nerve Conduction Technologist (CNCT) Initial Examination

The ABEM CNCT Initial Examination is administered online and proctored via AI technology at candidates' workplaces or any quiet location in the spring and fall each year. The exam is not held at a testing center. The computer-based examination is approximately 150 multiple-choice questions, with no video questions.

Candidates who pass the initial examination are automatically enrolled in a 5-year technologist maintenance of certification program.

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What is the difference between technologist certification and technologist registration?
Certification and registration in nerve conduction studies is the same. Registration is an older term that is not used by most organizations anymore. The term certification has replaced the term registration in newer examinations.