Maintain Certification

After you pass the ABEM CNCT Exam, you are automatically enrolled in the Technologist Maintenance of Certification Program (TMOCP).

The TMOCP consists of completing CEU Checkpoints (online educational modules) which are specifically designed to provide education essential to maintaining your nerve conduction study (NSC)  skills over the 5-year cycle. CEUs are also provided in addition to the Checkpoint credit.

ABEM registered/certified NCS Technologists will need to complete 5 CEU Checkpoints over 5 years. Attending the AANEM Annual meeting provides many opportunities to receive checkpoints.



Visit the  My TMOCP page to see exactly what you need to maintain your certification/registry in nerve conduction studies.


CEU Checkpoints

Purchase each Checkpoint, read or watch the educational content, then take and pass the post-test at 70% or higher. 

Attending the AANEM annual meeting also counts as a Checkpoint and will automatically be added to your My TMOCP for you. Checkpoints are simply CEU products specifically designed for registered/certified nerve conduction technologist to measure their nerve conduction study skills.

Test-takers will be advised immediately whether they passed or failed. Those who do not pass will be advised to review the material and retake the test.