The following technologists passed the most recent Certified Nerve Conduction Technologist (CNCT) Examination:

Madison Abraham, CNCT
Emily Bissinger, CNCT
Patricia Ellis, CNCT
Kara Gillis Mitchler, CNCT
Elisabeth Hammer, CNCT
Stephanie Harvey, CNCT
Marcia Hawthorne, CNCT
Dallal Kahlouche, CNCT
Allison LoPresti, CNCT
Fernando Mendez Torres, CNCT
Deidre Perry, CNCT
Nancy Ramdeen, CNCT
Kim Rosenworth, CNCT
Alberto Ruiz, CNCT
Yuri Salas, CNCT
Tyler Vorst, CNCT
Ambreen Zain, CNCT

Top 10%

  • Patricia Ellis
  • Elisabeth Hammer
  • Dallal Kahlouche
  • Kara Gillis Mitchler