Early Registration - $950
Regular Registration - $1,050
Subsequent attempt fee - $525*

Application Documents

All candidates must upload the following documentation as part of the online application:

  • Signed and dated Code of Conduct
  • Medical license - proof of active license
  • Primary board certificate- proof of active certification
Candidates must provide dates of training along with institution and program director contact information as part of the online application. 

Following receipt of the application, a form will be emailed to your training program director for training verification. If your director is no longer affiliated with the institution, you may put the current director’s information in the application so that we can reach the program as a whole to confirm training via historical records. 

Note: Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for application verification. All supporting documents requested in the online application must be uploaded before you submit your registration. Training verification forms are due back from training program directors no later than January 31 of the examination year.

*Subsequent Attempt Fee

A reduced registration fee is available for those who have previously sat for the ABEM exam, but were unsuccessful in their attempt. Please email for a code to be used during the online registration process.

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Refund and Withdrawal

If you withdraw or are unable to appear for the examination, you must provide written notification to the ABEM in advance. If you withdraw and provide written notification prior to the refund-request deadline, $850 of the examination fee is refundable. If you withdraw after the refund request deadline, or arrive for the exam more than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled test start time, or you do not appear for the examination, all fees will be forfeited.

If the ABEM determines you are not eligible or you do not provide the necessary documentation and references, $850 of the examination fee will be refunded. Find out more about eligibility on the Certification Requirements page.

Note: Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for application verification. All supporting document requested in the online application is due when you click Submit. Training verification forms are due back from Training Program Directors no later than January 31. All documentation must be provided in English. If documentation is not provided in English at the time of registration, you will be asked to provide it in English before we can confirm your eligibility. ABEM is not responsible for any fees related to the translation of these documents.

Americans With Disabilities Act

The ABEM supports the intent of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The Board will make a reasonable effort to provide qualified candidates who have documented disabilities the necessary auxiliary aids and services that do not fundamentally alter the measurement of the skills or knowledge the Board’s program is intended to test or result in an undue burden [Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) §309(b)(3)]. Candidates desiring accommodations for documented disabilities must also complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form and submit it to the ABEM office by the supporting documentation deadline.

Looking for Study Resources?

The ABEM Exam Committee has put together a list of study resources to help you prepare for the exam.

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