About ABEM

The American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM) is an independent credentialing body in electrodiagnostic medicine. The goal of ABEM is to promote high quality patient care.

To achieve this goal, ABEM oversees a certification process that requires both physicians and technologists to obtain specific training in the electrodiagnostic evaluation of disorders of the neuromuscular system and then to demonstrate their competency by passing respective comprehensive examinations.

ABEM also encourages a commitment to lifelong learning and provides a maintenance of certification program based on continuing education. Methods for achieving this goal include (but are not limited to) efforts to:

  • Describe, in terms of educational training, knowledge, and skills, a physician-specialist with expertise in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with disorders of the neurologic, neuromuscular and/or muscular systems, or patients who require electrodiagnostic assessment
  • Set the standards for knowledge, skills, and experience required for certification
  • Construct and administer examinations designed to assess that knowledge and skill
  • Monitor, evaluate, and improve the standards and procedures of the certification process
  • Issue certificates and other forms of recognition to successful candidates
  • Maintain a list of Diplomates who have fulfilled the requirements for certification
  • Maintain a list of individuals who were not eligible for Diplomate certification but who qualified for alternate recognition by meeting specific criteria