ABEM is an independent credentialing body in electrodiagnostic medicine. Although it is organized and operated as a committee of the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine for administrative purposes, it is a self-perpetuating board and is completely autonomous for purposes of credentialing criteria and procedures.

The ABEM Board of Directors consists of eight individuals who are board certified. The members, equally representing the disciplines of neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation, each serve 4-year terms. A board chair is elected from among the board members for a non-renewable 3-year term; this position alternates between a neurologist and physical medicine and rehabilitation physician. New members of the board are recommended by the ABEM Nominating Committee and approved by the board.

The ABEM Board establishes and promulgates criteria for certification utilizing a combination of academic training, clinical experience, and examination components selected on the basis of their relationship to knowledge, competence, or achievement in the field of electrodiagnostic medicine.

The ABEM Board also establishes and promulgates procedures for its certification activities which ensure that due process is afforded to individuals who apply for, or hold, board credentials. To conduct its business, the board meets one to two times per year.


ABEM Continuous Certification Committee

Develop questions for continuous certification and the justifications for the answers based on guidelines approved by the ABEM Board. Members will be asked to write a few new questions to be used in the CoreComp bundles each year, along with reviewing and revising previously written/used questions.

Committee membership is a two year commitment. You must be ABEM certified to volunteer for any ABEM exam committees. Additional criteria may apply when committee selections are made.

Meets yearly at the AANEM Annual Meeting. Additional commitment outside of the annual meeting is approximately 3 - 10 hours per year.


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Committee Members

Iram Zaman, DO
Sankar Bandyopadhyay, MD
Elizabeth Beck, MD
Kevin Fitzpatrick, MD
Sandra Hearn, MD
Hani Kushlaf, MD
Swee Lim, MD
Rabia Malik, MD
Kenkichi Nozaki, MD, PhD
Bryan Tsao, MD
Sandra Furr
Anna Vredenburg