Achievement Awards

The AANEM offers several prestigious awards to recognize significant contributions made by individuals in the fields of NM and EDX medicine. Awards are presented at the AANEM Annual Meeting

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Advocacy Award

Recognizes members or nonmembers who have made extraordinary contributions in advocating to government entities or insurance companies regarding NM and EDX medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

Distinguished Physician Award

Honors members who have provided distinguished service for a number of years as a clinician and/or educator or in overall support of AANEM activities. All AANEM members are eligible, except for Lifetime Achievement Award recipients.

Distinguished Researcher Award

Given to members who have made continuous significant contributions to clinical neurophysiological, NM, or MSK research.

Distinguished Service Award

Honors nonmembers who have given distinguished service to the AANEM.

Honorary Members

Granted to nonmember physicians or scientific investigators who are major contributors to the field of EDX, neurophysiology, NM, or MSK disease by virtue of teaching, research, and scholarly publications.

Innovation Award

Honors forward-thinking members for designing and developing products, services, or processes to enhance patient care and/or transform the quality of patient care delivery through technology and innovation (e.g. software connecting patients to caregivers; quality initiative that reduces complications or enhances optimal care; development of a new diagnostic tool, medication, testing device, etc.).

Lifetime Achievement Award

Considered the AANEM’s highest honor. Given to members who are recognized as major contributors in the fields of NM and EDX medicine by virtue of teaching, research, and scholarly publications.

Outstanding Educator Awards 

Honors members for their significant contributions related to neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine education. Contributions may include regularly serving as a faculty member at the AANEM Annual Meeting, providing education about NM and EDX medicine to professionals outside of AANEM, outstanding resident/fellow education programming, and/or developing innovative or unique instructional methods and/or materials. Up to two awards will be given annually: 

  • Jun Kimura Outstanding Educator Award
  • Ernest Johnson Outstanding Educator Award

Outstanding Service Award

AANEM’s Outstanding Service Award recognizes non-physician members for their significant contributions related to NM and/or EDX medicine education, as well as AANEM.

Public Recognition Award

Awarded to public figures, celebrities, or entities that have made extraordinary contributions toward increasing public awareness of muscle and nerve disorders.

Scientific Impact Award

Honors mid-career members (ideally 10 years or less from residency/fellowship) for serving as a first author, second author, or last (senior) author on a published paper in a national or international peer-reviewed, indexed journal within the past 3 years (case studies, textbooks, and textbook editorship will not be considered). The paper must feature a topic or topics pertinent to AANEM. Its impact will play a significant role in determining the award winner as well as its importance and timeliness in relation to current research trends. Up to two awards will be given annually. 

Current Award Recipients

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