Physicians often need to distinguish inflammatory neuropathies from other neuropathies and motor neuron disorders. This study in Neurology discusses the use of ultrasound for diagnosis, and underlines that testing has robust merit.


The American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) will post passing candidates’ names upon completion of the CIDP Knowledge Exam. Through a comprehensive written assessment, the exam evaluates the specialized knowledge and abilities of professional medical specialists trained in CIDP. By passing, the following medical personnel have shown both the professional community and members of the public their specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities of those who work with CIDP patients and/or research CIDP. Passing this exam does not qualify any individual taking the examination to perform or interpret needle EMGs or NCSs unless they meet the requirements outlined in the AANEM's Training Program Guidelines.

Below is the list of candidates who passed the 2016 CIDP Knowledge Examination:

Ali Beik
Jenny Bradley
Ellen Carter
Maria Cashio
Collen Connelly
Ricki Crawford-Irvine
Michael Fath
Alexander Gonzalez
Diana Greco
Alan Greensmith
David Haase
Bronwen Halliwell
Jia-Ann Hauptman
Mary Alice Henson
Erick Hill
Bree Kuntz
Patrick Lay
David Liebhauser
Helena Lowe
Kathy McGowan-York
Anthony Milunas
Tara Moreton
Dana Myers
Douglas Neiner
Cathy O'Rourke
Karyn Powilatis
Gregg Rogers
Jennifer Rosenshine-Pollard
Don Sandoval
Sheri Schomburg
Bradley Schumacher
Alina Schwenke
Beth Sherrill
Shauna Smith
John Snarr
Lisa Stafford
Christopher Sticklen
Melissa Terc
Julie Traino
Michelle Utrup
Jonathan Webb
Mary Ann Whitacre
Christy White
Terri Wordie


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