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The American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) will post passing candidates’ names upon completion of the CIDP Knowledge Exam. Through a comprehensive written assessment, the exam evaluates the specialized knowledge and abilities of professional medical specialists trained in CIDP. By passing, the following medical personnel have shown both the professional community and members of the public their specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities of those who work with CIDP patients and/or research CIDP. Passing this exam does not qualify any individual taking the examination to perform or interpret needle EMGs or NCSs unless they meet the requirements outlined in the AANEM's Training Program Guidelines.

Below is the list of candidates who passed the 2017 CIDP Knowledge Examination:

Allen Tirey
Anton Elias
Blake Burnette
Brandon Cook
Carol Goss
Dolores Gomez
Gene Kotz
Greg Diekmann
Hamid Norani
Harry Yesilevich
Ira Lipson
James Scott
Jennifer Romash
Joan Boselli
Joe Gettemeier
Joe Phillips
Jose Montemayor
Julie Davidson
Karen Callahan
Katherine Novak
Kelly Weisenberger
Ken Motylinski
Kevin Watkins
Kim Anish
Lauren McNeill
Lee Witham
Marian Macias
Mohamed Khalil
Nicole Lloyd
Ray Johnson
Ray Liu
Scott Totten
Sean Reilly
Sondra Barcelo
Stephen Santos
Svetlana Khromova
Sylvia Kukol
Todd Brown
Virginia Cioffi-Carragher






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