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AANEM News Express

How’s the Service Provided by Your MAC?

Have you registered to participate in the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Satisfaction Indicator yet?

Bills Introduced in Congress to Delay ICD-10 Implementation

Over the last three weeks, bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate to block implementation of the ICD-10 diagnostic and procedure code set.

CMS Cuts and Access to Patient Care: Your Input Needed

When the 2013 Medicare fee schedule became public last November, our members predicted the drastic reduction in reimbursement for EDX procedures would impact patients, physicians, and employees of physicians’ practices.

Mandatory Cuts to Medicare Begin

As of April 1, Congress has not taken action to delay the mandatory sequestration cuts to Medicare payments. Therefore, any Medicare claims with a date of service on or after April 1 will incur the 2% reduction.

Medicare Cuts Impact Access to Care

Physicians and patients alike are feeling the impact of Medicare reimbursement cuts. It’s likely that physicians who treat Medicare patients will be faced with difficult decisions as operating margins continue to shrink.

Medicare Reductions: What Can You Do Legally?

As the first Medicare checks of the New Year are arriving in physician practices, AANEM members are seeing the reality of the 2013 reimbursement changes, and they are raising many questions.

Congress Considers End to SGR Formula

In Congress last week, a bill was introduced by Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-PA, and Rep. Joe Heck, DO, R-NV, that seeks to end Medicare’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula.

Medicare SGR and Sequestration Cuts Averted

Thanks to last minute votes by both the Senate and House of Representatives, Medicare physician reimbursement rates will remain at the 2012 level through 2013.

Coding Alert: Update on AANEM Meeting with CMS

Yesterday, representatives from AANEM, AAN, AAPMR, and APTA* traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Jonathan Blum, director, Center for Medicare Management.

CMS Delays 5010 Transaction Standards


CMS Delays 5010 Transaction Standards