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Simmons Named New Muscle & Nerve Editor-In-Chief

The AANEM is pleased to announce the selection of Zachary Simmons, MD, as the new Editor-in-Chief of Muscle & Nerve, beginning with the January 2017 issue.
Current Editor-in-Chief, Lawrence H. Phillips, II, MD, finishes out his term with the December issue. “The editor’s job I have done for the past 9 years has been the most satisfying and fulfilling task of my professional career,” said Dr. Phillips. “I have had the privilege  of receiving  intense, in-depth exposure to the best clinical, translational, and basic science in our field. I am quite sure that I would not have read or studied many of the topics covered by submissions to the journal, and I envy Zach for having this experience in the future.”
A smooth transition is expected, as Dr. Simmons has served as Muscle & Nerve Senior Associate Editor since 2012.
“I am very pleased that the editorship will pass to Zach Simmons. His work [as Senior Associate Editor] has been stellar,” said Dr. Phillips. “He has good ideas for how to manage the journal going forward, and I expect to see improvements in the journal over the next decade. I congratulate him, and I assure the board that they have made a wise choice.”
Dr. Simmons said, “It’s an honor to have been chosen for this position. I owe a great deal to Larry, who has been a superb mentor and has generously shared his time and expertise.  Thanks to him and previous editors, Muscle & Nerve has been a key journal in the field of neuromuscular disorders and electrodiagnosis for many years.  My hope is to maintain the journal’s position as a core source for articles of high clinical and research excellence. We must continue to serve AANEM members and other readers with diverse interests in clinical neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders, basic, and translational research related to these disorders, and electrodiagnosis. At the same time, I hope to expand our role in publishing breakthrough articles in rapidly-expanding fields such as genetics, stem cell treatments, other novel therapeutic approaches, and new diagnostic techniques. I will be reaching out to leaders in these fields to facilitate this. To achieve these goals, we are making changes in editorial leadership, which I will describe in detail in the January 2017 issue.”
A Professor of Neurology and Humanities at Penn State College of Medicine, Dr. Simmons founded and directs the Neuromuscular Program & ALS Center at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, and also serves as Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He has researched and written extensively on many aspects of ALS, particularly quality of life, optimizing multidisciplinary care, psychological morbidity, cognitive and behavioral dysfunction, and ethics.  He is involved in collaborative research on telemedicine, brain-computer interfaces, and molecular genetics, and has participated in many ALS clinical trials.  His CV includes more than 110 peer-reviewed  publications, 150+ abstracts, and 12 book chapters.  He is a member of the Ethics, Law, and Humanities Committee of the American Academy of Neurology. He has served on the AANEM Board of Directors, and has served on or chaired a number of AANEM committees, including the Examination, Workshop, Program, Maintenance of Certification, and Research Committees.
AANEM Executive Director, Shirlyn A. Adkins, JD, noted, “I have enjoyed working with Larry and appreciate all he has done for Muscle & Nerve. I look forward to working with Zach to further meet the growing needs of the AANEM’s membership to stay informed and improve the care of patients.”

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