AANEM News Express

AANEM News Express

Congratulations to ABEM’s Newest Diplomates!


The following physicians successfully passed the 2018 American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM) Certification Examination. The passing rate for first-time exam takers was over 90% this year. 

Raymond Alcuri, MD
Ziad Alhumayyd , MBBS
Brian Altman, MD
Muhammad Arshad, MBBS, MD
Nassima Baba-Ahmed, MD
Taylor Bear, MD
Suur Biliciler, MD
Ibrahim Binalsheikh, MD
Keith Burchill, MD            
Harina Chahal, MD
Seung Chang, MD
Sophia Cheng, MD
Vivian Chin, MD
Carroll Cooper, MD
Annie Daniel, MD
Leslie Delfiner, MD
Kunal Desai, MD
Priya Sai Dhawan, MD
Alexander Dietz, MD
Xiaoli Dong, MD
Matthew Elliott, MD
Elizabeth Fojtik, MD
Laura Foster, MD
Thomas Foster, MD
Rachana Gandhi, MD
Christopher Geiger, DO  
Sweta Goel, MD
Erich Gottwald, DO
Khatuna Gurgenashvili, MD
Bilal Hameed, MBBS
Wenzhuan He, MD
Naglaa Hussein, MD
Cindy Jadoo, MD
Nan Jiang, MD
Joslyn John, MD
Manisha Kak, MD
Michelle Kaku, MD
Joseph Kamerath, MD
Tara Kersten, MD
Mounir Khalil, MBBcH
Sreekanth Koneru, MD
Steven Kreis, DO
Christopher Kurahashi, MD
Patrick Kwon, MD
Theresa LaBarte, DO
Alicia Lazeski, BS, MD
Bob Lee, MD
Kent A. Logan, MD
Rabia Malik, MD
Robert McAnelly, MD
Matthew McAuliffe, MD
Rosina Medel, MD
Justin Mendoza, DO
Kurt Mildenstein, MD
Eric Mittelmann, MD
John Morren, MD
Jonathan Morrill, MD, MA
Sally L. Niles, MD
Shawn Peterson, DO
Gabriel Pilar, MD, MFA
Joseph Platon, DO
Madhavi Prasad, MD
Nassim Rad, MD
Saria Refai, MD
Alissa Romano, DO
Bhaskar Roy, MBBS
Bishnu Sapkota, MD
Kelly Scott, MD
Abdul Shaikh, MD
Lihong Shen, MD, PhD
Mark Shoreman, MD
Keziah Sully, MD
Trixy Syu, DO
Melanie Taylor, MD
Joel Torres, MD
Jayesh Vallabh, MD
Julio Vazquez-Galliano, MD 
Nuttawan Vongveeranonchai, MD    
William Westerkam, MD
Ashley Whyte-Rayson, MD
Amanda Witt, MD
Andrew Wong, MD
Ning Sarah Yang, MD
Tatjana Zdravkovic, MD
Lawrence Zeidman, MD
Dr. Ling Zhang, MD
Shangming Zhang, MD

Certificate of Recognition (International):
Abdulrahman Ali, MD
Joy Vijayan, MD

The following physicians scored in the top 10%: 
Leslie Delfiner, MD
Bilal Hameed, MBBS
Tara Kersten, MD
Christopher Kurahashi, MD
Eric Mittelmann, MD
Shawn Peterson, DO
Kelly Scott, MD
Mark Shoreman, MD
Joel Torres, MD
Nuttawan Vongveeranonchai, MD

Would you like to join this exclusive group? To learn more, visit our ABEM Examination page on the ABEM website. 

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