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Call for Action - Help Avert Reimbursement Cuts!

On July 7, 2022, the 2023 Medicare Physician Payment Schedule Proposed Rule was released to the public for review and comment. While this proposed rule has many updates to payment policies, payment rates and quality provisions for services furnished under the Medicare Physician Payment Schedule, there are several changes that have been proposed that will directly and negatively impact AANEM members if codified in the final rule (which will likely be released in early November).
  • CMS did not agree with the RUC proposed values for the neuromuscular (NM) ultrasound codes 76881 (ultrasound, complete joint, real-time with image documentation), 76882 (ultrasound, limited, joint or other nonvascular extremity structure(s), real-time with image documentation), and the new NM US code 76XX0 which will be used to report real-time, complete NM ultrasound of nerves and accompanying structures throughout their anatomic course, per extremity.  Instead, they are proposing RVUs that would result in drastic reductions in reimbursement for 76881 and are far less than the RUC recommended values for all three.
  • CMS is proposing an over 4% decrease in the Medicare conversion factor which would result in a substantial decrease in reimbursement for all physicians.
  • CMS is proposing a decrease in Practice Expense (PE) to the main EDX codes which, combined with the reduced conversion factor, would result in an even further decrease in reimbursement for AANEM members.
CMS allows for public comment until September 6, 2022. AANEM is currently working on its own comment letter addressing these issues along with other payment policies. AANEM is also working with the AMA and other medical societies to specifically address the proposed reduction to the NM ultrasound codes. The AANEM comment letter will be shared with members once it is completed.

This is where we need YOUR help. It’s important for individual physicians to make their voices heard too! We are asking for as many individual physicians as possible to comment. Please visit https://www.regulations.gov/ and search for “CMS-1770-P” and provide your comments. AANEM has drafted a sample letter that you can use or modify.

For any questions, please contact the AANEM Policy Department at policy@aanem.org.

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Call for Action - Help Avert Reimbursement Cuts!