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Dr. Rubin Receives Jun Kimura Outstanding Educator Award

Devon Rubin, MD, is the second winner of the new AANEM Jun Kimura Outstanding Educator Award. This award honors AANEM members for their significant contributions related to NM and EDX education. Dr. Rubin has achieved every aspect of this award. He has served as a faculty member at the AANEM Annual Meeting, he provides education outside of AANEM to practicing physicians as well as resident/fellow education programming, and he has developed innovative instruction materials.

“Being selected as the recipient of this award is really a highlight of my career,” said Dr. Rubin. “Jun Kimura is such an outstanding educator and to be recognized with this award is quite humbling.”

In addition to practicing EDX medicine and NM neurology, Dr. Rubin has a passion for education in clinical electromyography. He has presented more than 35 sessions and workshops at AANEM Annual Meetings since 2004, including the popular “You Make the Call: An Interactive Approach to EMG Waveform Recognition Skills” workshop which will be presented virtually at the AANEM 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. He serves as the program director for the Mayo Clinic Florida Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, where he oversees the annual CNP education course for residents and fellows. He has developed and authored numerous unique, digital interactive educational products used to teach interpretation of EMG waveforms and EDX testing. Those products, including the EMG Recruitment Trainer, EMG Waveform Tester, EMG Waveform Trainer, Muscle and Anatomy Localization for Needle EMG, Real EMG Interactive Case Studies, and the Spike Form Fibrillation Potentials and Positive Sharp Waves Teachable Moment are available through the AANEM.

Dr. Rubin has authored 2 books on Clinical Neurophysiology and served as a guest editor of the Clinical Electromyography issue of Neurologic Clinics. He has been an author on more than 60 peer-reviewed publications, more than 30 book chapters, as well as clinical EMG guidelines and reports. He has been invited to teach at various neurophysiology-related conferences around the world, including in Australia, China, Thailand, Ecuador, Poland, Philippines, Israel, Canada, and Mexico. 

“Over the years, I have strived to develop educational materials and teach physicians around the world how to better diagnose and manage the patients that they encounter,” said Dr. Rubin.

Dr. Rubin has been an AANEM Member since 1998. He served as an examiner for the ABEM Certification Exams in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012. He is currently a member of the Education Resource Committee and Practice Issues Review Panel. He served on the AANEM Board from 2016-2019 and chaired the Digital Media Education Committee.

“While there are so many aspects of being a member of the AANEM that I find valuable and meaningful, without question the most important one is the people within the organization,” Dr. Rubin said. “Those involved in the organization at all levels are passionate about our field, inspirational in how they work to better NM and EDX field and the organization, and are good people who I consider not just my colleagues, but my friends.”

Dr. Rubin credits found AANEM member, the late Jasper Daube, as an inspiration for much of his work. Dr. Daube passed away earlier this year.

“Jasper was the ultimate physician educator who was so effective at teaching and driving his students to success. He was so passionate for what he did, and through our work together, he instilled that passion in me,” said Dr. Rubin.

Dr. Rubin hopes to help instill that same passion in others.
“There is a meaningful quote from a book written by motivational speaker Simon Sinek that I have pinned up in my office and I think about every day: ‘Success comes when we wake up every day in that never-ending pursuit of WHY we do WHAT we do. Our achievements, WHAT we do, serve as the milestones to indicate we are on the right path.’ It is important for each of us, young physicians beginning their careers or seasoned physicians in the middle or ends of their careers, to remember why we come to work each day,” said Dr. Rubin. “Whether treating our patients, teaching others how to better evaluate and manage their patients, or engaging in research to advance our field, we are here to improve the lives of others and help society as a whole. Never lose sight of that why.”

Dr. Rubin’s commitment to teaching and education is reflected in the many awards and honors he’s received throughout his career, including the Mayo Clinic’s Distinguished Educator Award, Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development’s Outstanding Course Director and Outstanding Faculty Member Awards, the Mayo Clinic Innovation and Collaboration Award, and the Department of Neurology Teacher of the Year Award. He has also formally mentored 17 neurology and EMG residents and fellows.

Dr. Rubin has been serving as a Professor of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine since 2013. His faculty academic appointment at Mayo Clinic began in 2000, when he worked as an Assistant Professor in Neurology for the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He then served as an Associate Professor in Neurology from 2008-2013. He’s been director of the Mayo Clinic Florida EMG laboratory since 2006. In addition to his AANEM membership, he is also a member of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society, and the American Academy of Neurology. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in neurology and clinic neurophysiology and by the ABEM.


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