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Dr. Miller Receives Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award recognizes those who have made extraordinary contributions to increase public awareness and/or advocate to government entities or insurance companies regarding the role of EDX medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders. Due to his unmatched passion and dedication to advocacy, P. Caudill Miller, MD, has been named this year’s winner of the AANEM Advocacy Award.

Dr. Miller has been an active member of AANEM since 1992. He has been the Alabama State Liaison since the inception of the State Liaison Committee in 2010, and has represented AANEM during almost every one of its “Hill Days.” Dr. Miller has been active in advocating and ensuring access to quality EDX medicine for all patients. He’s worked to establish and maintain some close relations with BCBS, one of the biggest private insurers in Alabama.

“The AANEM is the only way I stay connected to what our group is doing nationally. I believe EDX physicians have been very passive and the AANEM has now taken a fight, fight, fight role. I think the AANEM has put electrodiagnosis on the map and I have learned never give up, don’t ever give up. I know with the AANEM we have made great strides in Alabama with reimbursement increases and awareness, none of which would have been possible without the AANEM’s guidance, site visits and help.”

Dr. Miller’s passion for the field started at an early age when he worked at a hospital during high school.

“I saw a young man die from a subdural hematoma from a football injury, and watched the neurosurgeon sit on the floor and hold the coach, who was crying more than the parents. It touched me. I never saw myself doing anything else.”

Dr. Miller believes it’s imperative for young neurologists to step up early on and take a vocal role in advancing their field.

“Young physicians must not be politically lazy. If you are, you will be run over. We are a small, often passive group. Generally we are not fighters like the cardiologists and radiologists. We must be active in our state societies.”

The recent advances in NM treatments and therapies should be a springboard to change, according to Dr. Miller.

“Our field is exploding with new drugs, new knowledge, and new treatment algorithms that only we know. We must fight to get our voice heard, make access to neurologic care easier, and make sure we survive in practice.”

Dr. Miller earned his medical degree from University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1984. He continued with his medial training at the University of Alabama (UAB) School of Medicine as an Intern. After completing his Internship, Dr. Miller continued his medical career as a resident in the department of neurology at UAB Department of Neurology. Since 1988, Dr. Miller has worked in Private Practice, Neurology Consultant of Montgomery, P.C. in Montgomery Alabama. Dr. Miller has also served as Past President of the Alabama Academy of Neurology over ten years, served as the neurologist on the State of Alabama Impaired Drivers Task Force, State of Alabama Stroke Task Force, and past Ombudsman for the State WC Board.


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