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The Other Side of the Fence: Tips on Conducting Peer Reviews for Biomedical Journals


Have you received your first manuscript review invitation from a biomedical journal? Or have you reviewed a few times and would like to ramp up your skills?

Join Muscle & Nerve Editor-in-Chief Zachary Simmons and Associate Editor Peter Kang for a live, 30-minute webinar, The Other Side of the Fence: Tips on Conducting Peer Reviews for Biomedical Journals.

Drs. Simmons and Kang will present tips for reviewers that will apply for both Muscle & Nerve and other journals, followed by Q&A. Discussion will be geared toward trainees and early-to-mid-career physicians. It will be particularly relevant to those with academic interests or appointments, but others will likely find parts of it to be of interest as well.

The webinar was held live on February 27, 2023. A recording is available here.


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