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2020 Wake Forest/AANEM Neuromuscular Ultrasound Workshop POSTPONED to May 2021

The Wake Forest/AANEM NM US Workshop, originally planned for June 25-26, 2020, has been postponed until May 13-14, 2021, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The workshop will still be held at the Bowman Gray Center for Medical Education in Winston Salem, North Carolina. This will be led by course director and AANEM member Michael Cartwright, MD. 

The original article advertising this event has been preserved below for anyone who would like additional information.


One of the longest standing neuromuscular ultrasound courses in the country is approaching once again.

The Wake Forest/AANEM NM US Workshop will be held June 25-26, 2020, at the Bowman Gray Center for Medical Education in Winston Salem, North Carolina. This will be led by course director Michael Cartwright, MD. Francis Walker, MD, will return to help out with the course, according to Dr. Cartwright.

“This is a very unique course. We start with the basics and go all the way through advanced learning,” Dr. Cartwright said. “Different experts come every year to present at this course, we try to tailor it to all levels of learners. There will be lectures, live patients, and cadavers to provide three in-depth ways to learn the nuances of neuromuscular ultrasound.”

The course is specifically designed for physicians that see NM patients and use Electrodiagnosis in their practices, and see value in adding NM US. There is a large contingent of AANEM members who do these things in their practice, according to Dr. Cartwright, and thus could learn a great deal from the workshop.

Course objectives include:
  • Define terms of ultrasound and demonstrate application of the principles while imaging neuromuscular structures.
  • Identify upper extremity, lower extremity and cranial musculature and the visible boundaries that distinguish muscle groups in these areas.
  • Recognize loss of heterogeneity, fasciculations, hyperechoic changes, hypertrophy and other common pathologic changes in affected human muscles.
  • Identify the median, radial and ulnar nerves in the upper extremity and areas of the sural, peroneal and tibial nerves in the lower extremity and recognize common anatomic variants and pathologic abnormalities of these nerves.
  • Discuss indications for appropriate use of ultrasound imaging, factors that could complicate interpretation and clinical situations where ultrasound imaging is particularly contributory to addressing clinical problems.
The attendance fee is $1,100. For more information on the course or to register, visit this Wake Forest website.

For questions regarding the course curriculum, contact the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning at cealultrasound@wakehealth.edu

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