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Recap: 2016 AMA House of Delegates Interim Meeting

The American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates (HOD) met in Orlando, FL, on November 12-15, 2016, for its interim meeting. Important issues reviewed by the HOD included: engaging the new administration on health care reform to ensure patients maintain access to providers, developing principles to support efforts to move towards value-based drug pricing programs, alleviating medical student loan debt, and the importance of physician-led team-based care.
AMA President Andrew W. Gurman, MD, addressed the HOD during the opening session. In light of the recent U.S. Presidential election, Dr. Gurman said that there are three metrics that future changes in health coverage need to be evaluated against: “Will the proposals cover more, the same or fewer people? Because we know that people who don’t have insurance live sicker and die younger. Do the proposals provide adequate access, choice and coverage? Do the proposals advance high-quality care?” He went on to say, “As long as we adhere to these principles, we will be fine. Our patients will be fine, our profession will be fine, and our country will be fine.”
AANEM was represented at the meeting by AANEM President and HOD delegate Bill Pease, MD, and AANEM staff liaison, Millie Suk, JD, MPP. The AANEM works closely with the delegations from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Pease also maintain close ties with his state delegation of Ohio. The AANEM also participates in the Neurosciences Caucus, which consists of the specialty societies concerned with the nervous system. Of additional note, Claire Wolfe, an AANEM member and past president of the association, continued as the delegate for the newly formed Senior Physicians Section.
The AANEM delegation is looking forward to the Annual meeting of the HOD in June 2017 in Chicago, IL.

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