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Continuing the Fight Against Fraud

AANEM continues to work on educating payers about quality electrodiagnostic (EDX) medicine studies. Most recently, on December 10, Peter Grant, MD, gave a fraud and abuse presentation to over 30 medical directors. The event was facilitated by the National Healthcare Anti-fraud Association (NHCAA), a group with which AANEM has developed an ongoing relationship.

Dr. Grant provided a brief overview of EDX medicine and described current and past fraud trends in EDX medicine he has seen throughout his years of practice and while serving as an expert witness in investigations. Dr. Grant explained the characteristics of quality EDX medicine, referring the listeners to AANEM’s position statements. He also described AANEM’s lab accreditation process and how such a designation ensures that only quality EDX is being practiced by that lab.

The event was well received noted Grant, “I received multiple e-mails from listeners later that same day with questions and praise for how helpful the presentation was to them.”

Previously, in May 2014, AANEM member Ronald C. Bingham, MD, presented to approximately 60 special investigative units from insurance companies like Humana, CIGNA, and Medicare and Medicaid programs at one of the NHCAA’s National Education & Training Series (NETS) meetings held in Louisville, KY. He talked about common testing schemes related to EMGs and nerve conduction studies (NCSs), methods of identifying medically useless tests, and what to expect in the medical record. Dr. Grant gave a similar presentation at a NETS meeting in Phoenix, AZ in August 2014. His presentation focused on “Skills and Schemes for the Healthcare Fraud Investigator.”

Drs. Bingham and Grant are board certified by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine. Both have been members of the AANEM for over 25 years and operate accredited EMG labs and satellite clinics with exemplary status through AANEM’s EDX Laboratory Accreditation Program.

What are you doing to educate payers in your area? Send an email to policy@aanem.org to let us know.

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