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AANEM News Express

Advocacy in Washington, D.C. & Call to Action

AANEM representatives recently returned from a productive trip to Washington, D.C. where they met with several patient groups and Senate offices to advocate for a national mandate setting quality standards based on AANEM’s EDX Laboratory Accreditation program. AANEM was represented by its health policy director, Millie Suk, JD, MPP, its executive director, Shirlyn Adkins, JD, its advocacy advisor and member physician, Peter Grant, MD, and its Washington representative, Dane Christiansen of the Health and Medicine Counsel of Washington (HMCW).

The group met with eight Senate offices to educate them about the effort and to specifically ask them to contribute by co-leading a sign-on letter to CMS with Senator Klobuchar (D-MN) and/or to pose specific questions to CMS representatives who testify before their committees or in report language. The group also met with representatives from the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), the ALS Association, and the American Diabetes Association, as well as representatives of Grifols. All of the groups seemed supportive of the effort and willing to sign onto a community letter to CMS, encouraging CMS to continue to work with the EDX community to curb fraud and abuse and mandate quality standards for EDX medicine.

In this regard, we are asking you, our members, to reach out to any other groups you think may be supportive of these efforts, such as state medical societies, local patient groups, local hospitals or referring providers, or provider groups. You can find more background information on the effort and specific instructions, including messaging and a phone or email script, in our action alert. You can also provide organizations with a copy of the letter and additional background information.

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