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Advocacy in Action: State Liaison Leads the Way for Patient Advocacy in Washington and Beyond

Mohammad A. Saeed, MD, MS, is one of AANEM’s longest-standing state liaisons and most active members. He’s gone above and beyond meeting with congressional members on his own and building key relationships to help move AANEM’s advocacy efforts forward.
Dr. Saeed invited congresswomen Marilyn Strickland (D-WA) in May 2022 and Dr. Kim Schrier (D-WA) in October 2022 to town hall events at his home in Washington to discuss current issues and focuses of Congress with their supporters and guests.

Dr. Saeed’s goal was to introduce each congresswoman to AANEM and to the Electrodiagnostic Patient Protection and Fraud Elimination Act (H.R. 8344). “Before the general introduction, I talked one-on-one with each congresswoman making them aware of AANEM, fraud and abuse in electrodiagnostic testing, and specifically about the bill,” he explained. “I advised that it is a commonsense bill designed to bring safer care to patients and ultimately better outcomes.” Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) is currently sponsoring the legislation, and AANEM hopes to secure bipartisan co-sponsorship soon.
During the meetings, both congresswomen fielded questions and talked about their time in Congress. Dr. Saeed worked to answer specific questions and shared that virtually no healthcare-related bills have been passed recently, unless directly tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Dr. Schrier asked if anyone on the floor would have a reason to oppose the EDX legislation and the answer was a unanimous no.”
Dr. Saeed said he would like to lead the way for Washington and for AANEM to make a difference by championing the Electrodiagnostic Patient Protection and Fraud Elimination Act. “I believe in making healthcare in the United States safer for patients. Not all constituents are aware of the voice they can have if they meet with members of Congress. Patients deserve high-quality care and if we can help pass legislation to support better patient outcomes, I am committed to meeting with as many people in decision making roles as I can.”



AANEM’s State Liaisons will continue to build relationships with lawmakers and advocate for quality EDX testing. Anyone interested in joining these efforts is encouraged to apply to become an AANEM State Liaison and to keep an eye out for action alerts sharing other opportunities to become involved in AANEM’s advocacy efforts. Learn more at aanem.org/Advocacy.

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Advocacy in Action: State Liaison Leads the Way for Patient Advocacy in Washington and Beyond