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Advocacy in Action: AANEM Members Invite Congressman to Visit EMG Lab

Four AANEM members welcomed Utah Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT) to their EMG lab at the University of Utah Health last week, as part of AANEM’s efforts to help legislators understand the complexity of EDX medicine and the importance of qualified providers and proper equipment.
Candy Dolan, CNCT, R.NCS.T, REEG.T., reached out to Congressman Owens in early August. “I invited him to visit our lab so that he could actually see an EMG and nerve conduction to better understand the procedure,” she explained. “I was so excited that he accepted the invitation.”
On August 24, Dolan, along with Kyle Mahoney, MD (AANEM State Liaison for Utah); Ligia Onofrei, MD; and Carrie Ford, CNCT, R.NCS.T, REEG.T., gave Congressman Owens a tour of their EMG lab, explained what EDX medicine is, and demonstrated EDX testing on the congressman himself. “I think the highlight was watching him feel the shock, see what the needle looked like, and be so willing to experience part of the test,” said Dolan.
The group also discussed AANEM’s recently introduced legislation, the Electrodiagnostic Patient Protection and Fraud Elimination Act (H.R. 8344), with Congressman Owens. The bill addresses ongoing problems with EDX fraud and abuse, as well as poor-quality EDX testing by unqualified providers, many of whom are using substandard EDX equipment.
“Congressman Owens seemed so enlightened to see things in person and to listen to Dr. Mahoney explain the bill,” reported Dolan. “To hear someone who has been part of the AANEM committee articulate it and see it hands on, seemed impressive to him. He asked great questions. He has a bachelor’s degree in Biology, which I am sure helped him even better understand things.” AANEM hopes Congressman Owens will join Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) as a co-sponsor for this legislation.
AANEM’s State Liaisons will continue to build relationships with lawmakers and advocate for quality EDX testing. Anyone interested in joining these efforts is encouraged to apply to become an AANEM State Liaison and to keep an eye out for action alerts sharing other opportunities to become involved in AANEM’s advocacy efforts. Learn more at aanem.org/Advocacy.

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Advocacy in Action: AANEM Members Invite Congressman to Visit EMG Lab

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