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AANEM Joins in Support of Legislative Efforts to Protect Physician Visas

AANEM joined dozens of other medical groups in their support of two major legislative efforts to assist physicians attain permanent resident status (green cards). AANEM staff was contacted by a member who was being directly affected by the current backlog of approvals for those waiting for permanent resident status and asked for the organization’s support. After reviewing the language and background of both bills, letters of support were immediately drafted and quickly approved by the AANEM Board of Directors.

1. HR2895/S948: The current Conrad 30 program has been successfully bringing physicians to serve in rural and underserved areas. This new bill seeks to retain physicians in these areas by giving permanent resident status to physicians who work in rural areas for 5 or more years.

2. HR6788/S3599 (Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act): This bill was introduced in May 2020. It has many provisions to strengthen the healthcare workforce to effectively tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and future healthcare crises. It also has provisions to utilize unused green cards from previous years for healthcare workers.

"AANEM is always looking for ways that we can support and assist our members and we're very happy that one of our members reached out to us with these timely and important legislative initiatives," expalined AANEM Health Policy Director Millie Suk, JD, MPP. 

AANEM members with questions or concerns about any legislative or regulatory issues are encouraged to email the policy department at policy@aanem.org.

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AANEM Joins in Support of Legislative Efforts to Protect Physician Visas

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